If america really cared about buildings burning they would give justice to racial inequality. If america cared about black women, they would be protected. We can’t rely on america. It can’t be a race war, it has to be a revolution for humanity, for true change and not a trend.

I gave up on my dream because I didn’t think it was possible. Never again, never settle, never allow people to tell you your limitations, never give up.

Everyone keeps saying they want things to get back to normal. Was our normal good? Was our normal healthy? Was our normal unity? Our normal was about greed, selfishness, a divide with hate, toxic waves and judgemental mindsets. We aren’t understanding of other cultures, we aren’t informed of what is actually going on in this world, we dismiss equality, and we keep going back instead of forward. Is this the american dream? Is this the patriotic disease that people yell if you don’t stand for a flag. Pointless wars, unstoppable crime because they refuse to invest into communities and are more focused on locking people up for selling drugs and drawing graffiti. Do people in america wanna be remembered for calling blacks animals, arabs terrorist, asians the kung fu disease and hispanics illegal aliens. Everyone needs to be better and accountable regardless of color. The only way to change the world is do this together and raise our children with morals, respect, unity, education and integrity. We can’t keep reliving the history of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination. It needs to end, before all races end.

Mistakes will haunt you. You take that accountability, but then you have to remember every step and all that is in your brain is cloudy confusion. You can’t remember every step, and you get upset because you feel like all your blocks of building your reputation and integrity have piled down, that all your values and effort have drained. You start crying because it’s driving you crazy and you get depressed because no one told you it’s okay to make a mistake. We were all trained by society that you have to be perfect and a hard worker doesn’t mess up, so that spirals into that you are a failure that needs to go harder and put 10 times more work into your day. Your exhausted, developing hatred towards yourself and trying to find the right words to own up to your faults. Only if there was someone there to tell you it’s okay.

I must be invisible, it’s like I’m screaming but no one hears me, I’m bleeding but no one can see me.